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The Art of Writing Blockbuster Articles

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Based on the bestselling course, The Art of Writing Blockbuster Articles is your pathway to clearly and effectively communicating ideas through the written word, precisely tailored and fine-tuned for an online audience.

If you have a blog, this is your go-to guide.

In a time-challenged world overwhelmed by information overload "sold" via click-bait headlines, in an online environment dominated by Twitter streams and Instagram feeds and gifs and video, using a solid foundation to write your article matters more than ever. The words you use and how you present are your virtual currency.

Lukewarm content doesn't get read. Mediocre content doesn't get read. Boring content doesn't get read. It is the competent articles with a dose of empathy that get read.

This means you've got to choose words well, and write with what the Italians would call sprezzatura, a certain nonchalance, a careless demeanor that conceals the effort and time you've put into assembling words in order to tell the story really, really well.

Regardless of your niche, whether you write personal essays, listicles, or how-to guides, being able to write stellar content has become a necessity.

In The Art of Writing Blockbuster Articles, blogging superstar Cristian Mihai gives expert guidance and insight into the process and strategy of content creation, with actionable how-to advice designed to get results, all delivered in a clear and concise manner as to make writing ridiculously compelling and competent content but the process of following a clear set of steps.

The Art of Writing Blockbuster Articles is designed to be the go-to guide for anyone who publishes articles on the web ― whether you're just now starting out or have been blogging for a few years.

The Art of Writing Blockbuster Articles is a field guide for the smartest bloggers who know that great content is essential to thriving in this brave new digital world.
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Master the art of high-value content creation

The Fundamentals

Understand the basics of writing blockbuster articles and why they are essential to a blogger's success.

The Framework

A comprehensive outline of how to structure and plan a blockbuster article.

Weekly Process

An expertly designed creative process to help you publish a blockbuster article every week.

Irresistible Headlines

Learn the subtle art of writing irresistible headlines.

The Hook

Write compelling introductions that hook your readers and persuade them to keep on reading.

Copywriting Formulas

Learn how to deploy some of the most effective formulas from the world of copywriting and advertising.

Distribution Channels

Understand how to best distribute and share your content for maximum effect.

Derivative Content

Turn your blockbuster article into multiple pieces of content and expand both the reach and the lifetime of your content.

Advanced Strategies and Formulas

Become a proper blogging superstar by learning crazy, unconventional strategies and formulas.