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Hi, my name is Cristian Mihai, and I have been blogging consistently since April 22, 2012.

In the meantime, I somehow managed to grow my audience to over 140.000 readers while being featured on websites and blogs such as:

I've helped tens of thousands of bloggers over the years since I first launched The Art of Blogging. Over a thousand bloggers have enrolled in my courses or booked one-on-one courses with me.

Here's what a few of them had to say about me:

Here's how the process is going to take place:

The feedback you will receive will be tailored to your niche, your writing style, and your particular needs, goals, and skills.

Also, our one-on-one call will focus on the steps you need to take and will provide you with all the advice you need to develop a proper content strategy moving forwards.


What do you say?

Ready to get started?

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