90 Ways to Turbocharge Your Creativity

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​Everything you need to never run out of ideas

It happened again, didn’t it?

Another week or month has passed, and you’ve made zero progress on your writing.

Deep down you know your writing is important, but it seems impossible to take consistent action.

What’s going on here?

The truth is, you don’t feel inspired.

You can’t help but marvel at other bloggers who seem to come up with one great idea after another.

How do you get there?

How do you find the inspiration you need in order to become the prolific, popular, and successful writer you have always dreamt of becoming?

Lucky you, this eBook contains 90 ways that will turbocharge your creativity and find much-needed inspiration.


You might think of inspiration as some mysterious, rare occurrence—one that only happens when the muse bothers to show up. But you’d be wrong. As blogger extraordinaire Cristian Mihai shows in this short and practical guide, inspiration is the by-product of doing "stuff." 
Drawing on his decade long experience as a content creator, Cristian Mihai shares his insights into the nature of creativity and inspiration and offers advice on how to get your own inventive juices flowing.

What do you need to do to get yourself in the right frame of mind?

When do you know that you’ve come up with an idea that might be worth pursuing?

What should you do if you think you’ve hit a brick wall?

What can I expect?

• 128 pages

• 90 ways to develop your creativity and feel inspired

• Read on any device, in any format. Computer, mobile, and tablet-accessible. 


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