The Definitive Guide to Blog Niches

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The easiest to follow step-by-step blueprint for figuring out the perfect niche for your blog

Finding a great niche is one of the first steps you must take as a blogger. That's why it's important to get it right. Everything you do online depends on locating a topic that actually has the potential of becoming the gathering spot for a tribe of enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of bloggers waste years and years struggling to figure out a niche, or trying to stick to the wrong niche, or even coming up with a topic they're insanely passionate about.

But what about being profitable? What about monetizing your blog?

Get your niche wrong, and you will never get a chance to earn even a bit of side-income from your blog. Get your niche wrong, and you'll be the number one authority in a niche of just one, wasting most of your precious time trying to engage people who don't want to read your content.

Fortunately, The Definitive Guide to Blog Niches is the blueprint that proves how easy and fun it can be to research a blog niche. Really, it's a simple process that anyone can do - even if you are just now starting your first blog.

To do this, we deploy a couple of Japanese concepts: ikigai and kaizen.

The Definitive Guide to Blog Niches is designed to be accessible to anyone who has the patience to spend a couple of hours going through this guide.

Within this guide, you will find a series of 101 questions designed at helping you figure out not only a blog niche you are terribly passionate about, but also one that allows you to stand out from the crowd, to monetize your experience and knowledge, and to become a figure of authority among other bloggers within your niche.

Sections include:

Why Do I Need a Blog Niche?
What Is a Niche?
1. The WHO
2. The WHAT
3. The HOW
Warning: Avoid This Mistake
The Secret Ingredient
Kaizen: Continuous Improvement
How to Use Ikigai to Figure Out Your Blog's Niche
101 Questions to Help You Find Your Niche and Become an Authority (Self-Assesment)
Shoshin: Teach While You Learn


What can I expect?

• 61 pages

• Ikigai, Kaizen, and Shoshin techniques

Read on any device, in any format. Computer, mobile, and tablet-accessible. 


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